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Healthy Joints

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Pure-Col Collagen Is A Selected Collagen Matrix Which Includes Molecular Enhanced Hydrolysed Collagen Using Aminolock, Not All Collagen Capsules Are Created Equal!

Manufactured To The Highest Standard G.M.P Procedure & FDA Regulations.
All Ingredients In Pure-Col Are Natural And Not Genetically Modified.


*Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. With a great track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your result.


Just Look At Our Customers Comments About Pure-Col, Will You Let It Help You Too?

Pure Col Collagen For Joints

“I have been using Pure-Col for 2 years now, I actually live in Spain but get them brought over by my brother or anyone who is visiting – I am 51 years old and run between 2 & 3 kilometres every morning with my dog, I used to have problems with my knees running outdoors but since taking Pure-Col Collagen, I can honestly say the pain has subsided.

The other benefit I find is that I sleep much better when I take the tablets at night before going to bed, and most of my friends think I have had Botox but I promise you, you don’t need it when taking Pure-Col Collagen”.

All the best, Janice D.

Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. With more than a 10yr track record & lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your result.

Pure Col Collagen For Skin

Faye Tozer of Pop Group ‘Steps’ Says. . .

“I’m using Pure-Col Collagen to benefit my body inside and out!”*

Pure Col Collagen For Sports

Becky Lyne, International Athlete Says. . .

“I am an international athlete and was voted Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year 2006 following my bronze medal winning performance at the European Championships in the 800m.

I am also the former European Under 23 800m champion, and at only 24 years of age I have a number of potentially successful years ahead of me.

I first read about the unique enhanced Amino Locked Pure-Col Collagen in a running magazine and was impressed by the benefits it is said to offer.

Having suffered from a number of injuries in recent years I hope to gain from its tissue-strengthening properties to reduce the risk of future problems.

This, together with the fact it may promote recovery from training, assist in the reduction of body fat, aid more restful sleep and increase energy levels, all mean that I am sure it is a product that can positively contribute to my athletics career .

I am now taking 3 Pure Col Collagen capsules every night and I hope to also benefit from healthier skin, hair and nails I would recommend Pure-Col to both men and women who want to look and feel good.”*

Did You Know? Collagen Amounts To At Least 25-35 Percent Of The Body’s Protein¹

Collagen is considered to be the protein that holds the cells of the body together…

Collagen is the body’s most abundant natural protein. It’s like the body’s glue which holds us together, and is the essential structural component of all connective tissue. It makes up over 67% of the dermis layer of the skin and about 90% of dermal volume – the skin being the body’s largest organ.²

Although the body manufactures collagen every day, from about the age of 25-35 years it has been scientifically shown that the supply begins to fail to meet the demand at a rate of about 1.5% per year.

Stephanie Converted To Collagen …

Stephanie Swann, 36, a photographer from Holland Park, was a keen cyclist until a knee problem threatened to force her to hang up her helmet for good.

Stephanie Swann’s knee problem improved two months after she started taking Pure-Col Stephanie Swann’s knee problem improved two months after she started taking Pure-Col ‘I was suffering from acute pain in my left knee.

It was getting worse and, since I cycle everywhere, I was really upset at the prospect of not being able to do so anymore. I went to the doctor, who said it sounded like a cartilage issue and suggested I should see a specialist, with the possibility of needing some sort of surgery.

‘I had heard from various friends that having a knee op should be avoided if possible. One had a bad experience where her knee was worse afterwards and another, who is a chiropractor, said it would mean they would take away cartilage and I would therefore run into problems later.

‘One day, I read about Pure-Col in a fitness magazine. Lots of athletes endorses it due to its ability to heal cartilage, as well as other physiological conditions. I was really excited at the prospect of being able to try something natural before going down the road of surgery.

‘The company said that I would need to take Pure-Col for between three and six months before I would see a result. I was slightly sceptical but was so desperate to get better naturally, I decided to try it and see.

‘Within two months, I was already feeling a huge improvement. The pain was definitely less and the swelling that I was starting to see after a long cycle was also reduced. Within three months I felt a huge improvement and within six months, the pain and all the symptoms had completely gone.³*

Pure-Col Collagen may replenish the system and help maintain the health, strength and appearance of the skin. It may also help restore good condition to the skin, not just on the face but all over the body.

Loss of hair and cracked nails are major concerns of a great many people. In addition our customers reported that Pure-Col has improved energy levels and helped with inch loss and the reduction of cellulite.

Our Collagen naturally contains both glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, which is currently a very popular combination being used to address the aches and pains of arthritis.

As collagen is the raw material for cartilage synthesis, regeneration and repair, it naturally follows that pure col capsules can prove highly beneficial to those suffering from this and similar disorders, as is confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Pure Col Hydrolysed Collagen is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development, which has resulted in the manufacture of a completely pure product, offering maximum bio-availability to the body and consistently achieving a remarkable 95% absorption rate.* This indicates an exceptionally high take-up by the body and is a primary reason for pure col’s versatility and remarkable results.

Pure Col And Skin Quality

As you may know, collagen cream may help slow the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and has enjoyed a certain amount of attention. The collagen creams you might see around only have a relatively small amount of actual collagen in them so the results are limited.

Wrinkles Are A Sure Indicator Of Collagen Loss Or Deficiency.

Skin specialists and surgeons know the real cause of ageing, and up until now if you had the money and if you were prepared to go under the surgeon’s knife then youthful looks could once again be yours.

The specialists have known for years why our good looks fade as the years go by.

Beneath the outer layer of the skin lies the dermis, a network of connective tissue made up of several components – fat cells, fibroblasts and COLLAGEN.

These fibres and elastins provide the skin’s resilience and give it support in the form of glue-like matrix that holds the cells together. When these are all in equilibrium the skin appears smooth, firm and supple.

Look Good & Feel Good – Pure-Col helps men as well as women.

Collagen is the substance that holds the cells of the body together. Every night, in the first 90 minutes of sleep, the body normally produces collagen to be used in the repair process.

However, as we grow older the body loses the ability to produce collagen at a rate of 1.5% per year, starting from around the age of 25.

Therefore the repairing and rejuvenation process slows and you are left with what you now see in the mirror, FINE LINES, WRINKLES, ACNE SCARS, etc.

It is not just ageing that ravages your youthful looks, but sun damage as well. According to Dr Arnold Klein, a leading dermatologist. ‘Sun exposure ages your skin faster than anything else.’ Dr Mary Ellen Brademas, who treats a number of famous clients at her Manhattan practice, agrees.

‘Spending time in the sun breaks down collagen and elastin, which naturally gives us our complexion a pumped-up supple look, and as a result our skin doesn’t look quite as healthy as it used to be.’

Ageing really begins at 30, says Dr Brademas. More fine lines develop as collagen and elastin start to break down, and our delicate skin under the eyes begins to thin. ‘After 40 the skin doesn’t rebound as quickly, observes Dr Klein. If you are sceptical, just look in the mirror and see what he means.

Pure Col Helps boost the body’s Natural Collagen Production. No need for Botox or Collagen injections. Safe to use – Non Toxic – No side-effects.*

The only side-effects reported are great ones!

After adolescence, skin starts to acquire true ‘character’ in the form of fine wrinkles, and the lines you develop in your fifties and sixties may deepen into folds. It is also less able to retain moisture and the production of collagen and elastin slows down significantly.

As Dr Klein explains, ‘the loss of elastic fibres in the skin accelerates tremendously after 50, so as well as wrinkling, the skin begins to sag and droop, and some women may develop a jowly appearance.

Help Prevent, fight and reverse the effects of cellulite, fine Lines and wrinkles.

Cellulite is primarily a condition of poor microcirculation that causes damage to tissue. As blood and lymphatic vessel walls become more permeable, the vessels leak fluid into the surrounding tissue causing congestion.

This tissue congestion causes swelling, prevents nutrients such as oxygen being carried to the tissue, and hinders the drainage of toxins.

Connective tissue including Collagen and elastin becomes increasingly damaged; eventually they become so severely compromised that they scar. causing stretch marks.

Your body depletes 1.5% of Collagen every year after the age of 25 resulting in weak muscle skin tissue, cellulite in-turn can become worsened through to older age by supplementing your body with 100% Pure Collagen.

You’re helping to reduce this dramatic loss by feeding the connective tissue & naturally stimulating your own collagen production, which in turn leans the muscle tissue, strengthening skin.

Beneath the uppermost layer of skin (better known as the epidermis), lies a network of connective tissue made up of several components: cells (fat cells and fibroblasts, the cells that make Collagen fibres.

Collagen and elastin which provide skin resiliency and support in the form of a matrix, a gel-like substance that is the glue which holds the cells together) when these components are in equilibrium, your skin appears smooth, firm and supple.

Extra weight due to poor nutrition can also set off a chain reaction leading to cellulite. Additional fat can strain the Connective fibres. Collagen and elastin, resulting in more visible or “dimpled” fat clumps.

Cellulite consists of abnormal fibres and water retention in fatty subcutaneous tissue. If the lymph, which is a protein-rich fluid, doesn’t drain from the cells properly, it can exert pressure on the tissue around it. Eventually, the proteins separate from the lymph, causing a backup that thickens over time.

This situation worsens as the lymph is unable to properly supply the surrounding cells that make Collagen and elastin fibres with the necessary nutrients and oxygen they need.

As the collagen depletes, the “matrix” breaks down. permitting fatty tissue to bulge upward to the upper layer of skin. This causes the skin to develop an irregular appearance on the surface.

Of course, by reducing the amount of fat we can reduce the appearance of the cellulite on the surface, but the root cause remains.

Pure Col And Joint Pain

Any form of arthritic type pain is usually caused by not enough cartilage in the joints. So doesn’t it make sense to replace it?

From the age of about 25 the amount of collagen produced by our bodies reduces at a rate of about 1.5% per year. This means that by the age of 45, you have approximately 75% of the collagen in your body that is needed for optimum health.

So you are only replenishing your existing collagen. There’s nothing unnatural about it. Collagen was originally developed for arthritic type pain anyway! But now, you can take pure col collagen capsules to treat arthritic type pain from the inside out. And it’s completely natural!

In many people, pain is caused by damage or trauma to cartilage or simply by life long wear and tear on the joints.

Collagen is the body’s most abundant natural Protein. It is the ‘glue’ which holds the body together and is the essential structural component of all connective tissue. 75% of skin is collagen, providing texture, resiliency, and shape. and in total about 30 per cent of your body is collagen.¹

Research by Roland Moskowitz, a professor of orthopaedics looked at 400 patients with arthritic knees… Some got a placebo while others were treated with 100% collagen. The latter group showed a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in joint mobility, with 93% achieving positive results, some after only two weeks.

Pure-Col capsules provide a revitalizing and unique product by using only natural ingredients creating the ultimate formulation. These natural ingredients are non-irradiated, not genetically modified and free from wheat, gluten, yeast, salt, sugar, lactose, preservatives, artificial colours and flavourings.

No Known Side Effects.* Biotech Approved. EU Compliant. Classed As A Natural Food Supplement. Designed By Some Of The Greatest Scientific Minds!

The only side-effects reported are great ones! As well as helping relieve pains in joints, early users have reported improvements in fine lines, wrinkles, firmer breasts, cellulite, scars and stretch-marks! Also it’s noticed to help improve hair, nails and energy levels.

Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. With more than a 10 year track record & lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your result.

How Pure Col Works

Collagen does its job by converting its natural protein molecules into the essential amino acids required by the body to build or rebuild body parts. In essence it’s the maintenance juice of the body. The secret to building or rebuilding body parts is the body’s ability to convert one resource into another, innately, as needed. That means that in order to make more muscles, tendons, ligaments or rebuild organs and skin, you need to go through a process called protein synthesis.

This is a metabolic process that requires a catalyst, known as Collagen and a protocol to follow, based on the Innate needs of the body itself. In other words, the body has to need the change before it can make the change.

The many forms of degenerative or inflammatory diseases trigger that need.

Present day treatment is based mainly on physical therapy including heat, massage and movement and sometimes, steroids and painkillers. But this doesn’t work as it fails to tackle the heart of the problem.

The body manufactures its own collagen every day. Unfortunately, it too diminishes with age and without ample supplies, degeneration of body parts begins. Keep in mind that one of the first signs of collagen loss in the body is usually the wrinkling of the skin and the unexplained increase of joint pains.

Synthetic collagen is totally useless to the body. Therefore people, who consume synthetic or the wrong type of collagen, usually get no result and assume that collagen doesn’t work… WRONG.

Just as trying to open the door of your car with a key that looks exactly like the real key but is not, so it is with the body’s utilization of synthetic collagen.

Collagen enhanced creams only penetrate 2-3 layers of the skin. To be truly effective collagen must penetrate all 7 layers of the skin. Taking collagen in tablet form achieves this by working from the inside out.

For optimum results, it is recommended to drink at least 1-2 litres of water daily, this will allow the greatest absorption of collagen into the body, taking Vitamin C will help to enhance results.

Take 3 capsules per day just before retiring for the night, it is important to drink at least 1-2 litres of water per day for full hydration. It is recommended to take a 3-month course.

We recommend consulting a medically qualified practitioner with a knowledge of natural supplements before taking this or any other supplement.

Pure Col Success Stories

John Miles Singer/Songwriter

“Being on the Pro-Celebrity golf circuit and always a keep fit enthusiast, I felt I had done irreversible damage to my knees.

When first approached about Pure-Col I was sceptical, but willing to give anything a try. I trialled the product for 6 months, when I then stopped taking them some of the pains came back, now I would not be without Pure-Col!

This is a revolutionary product , as a bonus I look and feel younger.”*

John Miles.

“Being a Plumber for over 10 years started to take its toll on my joints, kneeling down everyday under sinks and putting most of my body weight on my left knee, left me with unbearable pain everyday and having to take maximum strength pain killers every few hours.

I thought there must be a better way to make the pain subside. Not to mention the damage the painkillers were doing to my body.

After taking Pure-col collagen the pain subsided within a few short weeks and I have never looked back.”*

Daniel M. UK.

“I began the course of Collagen and within 2 weeks I was feeling more energetic and the pains I was experiencing in my hip prior were not bothering me any more.

I am a person that has never subscribed with tablets, but now I am determined to continue as I’m amazed with the results.”*

C. Badinge.

“I have been the owner of The Cutting Crew Hair Salon for 15 years. I have taken the product myself for just over 2 months and cannot believe the difference. With every facial treatment we always recommend this product and have been very excited by the number of referrals we are now getting.”*

Jenny. UK.

“I have been taking Pure Col Collagen for 6 months, my hair, nails and skin have improved greatly, I have stopped losing my hair and my fingernails are long and strong.

My skin feels very good and I look healthy.

Also I have found that any bruises I get fade very quickly, I don’t know if that is anything to do with the collagen, but cuts heal quickly too.”*

S. Davis.

“I first started using Pure-Col 2 years ago and the results were fantastic. I had been getting pain in my joints and slight swelling in my finger joints.

I am very active and didn’t want to think that I may not be able to do certain activities.

After searching the internet and reading all the information available I decided to use Pure-Col.

The pain has gone and the swelling is non-existent plus the added benefit is my skin has improved so much that I have no fine lines that you would expect at my age (45).

I did make the mistake of swapping onto another brand recently and immediately could tell the difference so I am back and for good this time!*

Sally C. UK.

“I am a 73 year old female going to 74 in April. Some years ago I had surgery after a fall on my left knee. The cartilage was damaged and had to be removed. After the OP I complained that I had pain in my knee and my surgeon told me it would be like that for the rest of my life. In short – I had to live with the pain.

I searched the Internet and found Pure Col Collagen.

My father was an MD and I was very suspicious about what was offered on the Internet.

I have now taken PureColCollagen ever since the year 2010 and I can walk 12km every day.

There may be other products on the market, but I will stick to PureColCollagen because I know it works.”*

Francesca O.

“I have been taking Pure-Col for 3 months now and I am truly delighted with the results.

I had a knee injury a few years back and because of that I can not do any workouts without a knee support.

But after taking Pure Col Collagen within 2 months I noticed that I can run and do any aerobic workout without a knee support and this is an unbelievable result. Also I feel more energetic and my general well-being has improved. I would recommend Pure-Col to everyone who wants to look and feel good.

Thank you very much for this product.”*

Kathlyn S.

Existing Customer? Send us your success story!

Send us testimonial together with a picture of yourself explaining what you are using pure-col collagen to help you with. Whether it be for pains in joints, improving skin condition or with sports and how it has benefited you.

Allow us to show others, and we will send you a further 3 months for FREE as a token of our appreciation. (Existing customers only).

What Doctors Say About Collagen

“I’ve been a chiropractor for the past 28 years and currently run a clinic that sees 200 people a day.

I’m so thrilled to expand my practice with a product that safely and naturally helps people.

I know I can recommend pure collagen and expect tremendous results for my patients.”*

Dr. Bill Trusak, D.C.

“Dr. Edward Lafontaine says…

“There is nothing on the market like Collagen. I have been looking for a Collagen based product for over 20 years.

I have repeatedly asked manufacturers to formulate a product like Pure Collagen to no avail, until now.

This is the one fundamental nutrient I recommend to each and every patient.“*

Dr. Sal Martingano who has been in practice for 17 years says…

“Have you ever considered how the body actually rebuilds itself? Well, thank God we are not responsible for duplicating that task because it would occupy 100% of our time. The mechanism and substance responsible for accomplishing that task within the body varies with age.

Collagen does its job by converting its natural protein molecules into the essential amino acids required by the body to build or rebuild body parts. In essence it’s the maintenance juice of the body.”*

“I have had the good fortune of monitoring over 300 patients over a one year period on the use of the product.

They included people with high blood pressure, arthritis and many more conditions.

Over that one year my patients averaged 85% of positive results.

Pure Collagen is very RELIABLE and SAFE!”*

Ron Darling,
Health Practitioner.

Chris Wilson, an orthopaedic consultant in Cardiff, says…

“A number of supplements, including collagen, appear to work. I have always had an open mind about alternative treatments. If a patient says he has pain relief and movement after taking collagen, I am perfectly prepared to believe it works.

With arthritic pain, I don’t think mainstream medicine has all the answers, and I would encourage patients to try treatments such as collagen.”*

Dr. Alex Duarte, O.D. Ph.D., Specialist In Arthritic Studies Says…

“We know that cartilage is composed of four or five different kinds of collagen.
Collagen type II contains Glucosamine sulphate which has over 30 years of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies indicating that it actually helps to rebuild the cartilage in arthritis joints.”*

There are actually 14 different kinds of collagen altogether, but the primary collagen, the most predominant one, the most medicinal collagen, is collagen type II. (i.e Pure-Col)
Type II Pure Collagen has the ability to help heal and rebuild. There are no side effects in nature, only their intended effects. Pure collagen only has the positive intended effects on the body; rebuilding body parts. Nature best uses collagen during the alpha phase of sleep, therefore it would be wise to introduce collagen into the body just prior to sleep. In the final analysis, type 2 collagen has the building blocks for a stronger, leaner body.

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pure col collagen with bio-active matrix
Manufactured To The Highest Standard G.M.P Procedure & FDA Regulations.
All Ingredients In Pure-Col Are Natural And Not Genetically Modified.
✓ 400mg of pure-col collagen per capsule
✓ joints – active lifestyle
✓ skin – hair – nails
1 month £28.97   |   3 months £59.97   |   6 months £114.97

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Your Questions Answered

What are the ingredients in pure-col?
Each Capsule Contains 400mg of 100% pure hydrolyzed type II Grade collagen.
Why should I choose pure-col capsules instead of any other Collagen capsules?
We use a patented process that sets it apart from anything else on the market. This makes pure-col product 6 times more potent. The process we use lets the body absorb 90% as opposed to 15% with most other collagen capsules.

Most capsules are made from ‘Bovine’ collagen which is the most potent and closest type to our own – however, the normal way to extract collagen is to remove it from the hide and check it for purity. It is then dried added to a buffer and put in capsules.
We take the collagen and under pharmaceutically sterile conditions nourish the amino acid chains in the collagen so they start to grow. This process takes 2 to 3 months, and when the amino acid chain is as near as can be to our own it is readily absorbed into the body giving over 90% absorbency.
What is Collagen?
Collagen is one of the purest proteins available for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Gelatine is a natural product; its legal status is as a foodstuff and not an additive. It carries no E-number. Edible Gelatine has the following composition:- 84-90% protein, 8-12% water and 2-4% mineral salts.
Gelatine contains a number of amino acids including histidine, lysine, leucine, tryptophan, valine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, and isoleucine.
Collagen is a fibrous protein component of mammalian connective tissue making up almost one third of the total body protein. There are around 20 different types of collagen found in our bodies, each one encoded by a specific gene.
In a comprehensive range of clinical studies, it has been shown that collagen-hydrolysates exert a positive influence on degenerative joint disease. It has also been shown that they have a prophylactic effect in preventing damage to joints, ligaments and tendons.
In 1998, a small Nabisco Company sponsored study at Indiana’s Ball State University found that gelatin supplements helped to keep the joints of athletes more flexible and could even help to lessen pain. Studies have also shown that Gelatine Hydrolysate can be successfully used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, by joint pain reducing and the patient experiencing a substantially increased feeling of well-being.
Collagen is the most abundant tissue in the body, connective tissue acts as a cementing substance between cells. It helps support and protect blood vessels, bones, joints, organs and muscles and forms a sizeable proportion of skin, tendons, the cornea of the eye, ligaments, cartilage, teeth and bone. Collagen forms a protective barrier and promotes healing wounds, fractures and bruises.”
What is Arthritis and what causes it?
The forms of arthritis that most of us are familiar with are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is usually caused by overuse, abuse, and injury. It is by far the most common form of arthritis. Some experts believe that merely the aging process, and so many years of gravity working on the weight-bearing joints, is a major contributor to this type of arthritis.
Osteoarthritis is not considered an autoimmune disorder, like rheumatoid arthritis is, in which the body attacks itself as it would a foreign invader.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most well known of the autoimmune types of arthritis. In the case of RA, the cartilage in the joints is attacked. Though many sufferers notice that the problem gradually gets worse over the years (as they would for osteoarthritis), many experience a sudden ‘flare-up’ after a particular illness, often times a viral infection
Why does cartilage fail?
Repeated stress to a joint can weaken or damage cartilage, leading to discomfort and reduced mobility. Cartilage repairs itself very slowly, due to poor nutrient supply and the fact that joints are seldom given the time to rest.

The abnormal buildup of free radicals from many causes, including diet, inflammation and infection, triggers release of excess enzymes that break cartilage down, and inhibits production of proteoglycans and chondroitin sulfate.
What is cartilage?
Cartilage has two key structural components; very strong collagen fibers which are made of protein, and a reinforced gel, which is made of proteoglycans (actually chondroitin sulfate molecules) which weave through the collagen fibers in every direction, and water, which fills up the space in between.
The collagen and the proteoglycans are manufactured by cells called chondrocytes (which also contain chondroitin sulfate) scattered about the cartilage matrix, they also dispose of worn out collagen and proteoglycans. Free-floating chondroitin sulfate, with its sulfur atoms, grab nutrients for the chondrocytes.
Since cartilage does not have a network of blood vessels to bring in oxygen and nutrients and carry away waste products, it depends on the steady ebb and flow of fluid for nourishment and cleansing.
What are Chondroitin sulfates?
Chondroitin sulfates are long molecular chains that have a negative electrical charge and are composed of sugar units that very effectively attract and capture fluid giving cartilage its sponge-like quality. Without enough chondroitin sulfate, cartilage integrity seriously declines.
Chondroitin sulfate production declines with age, is disrupted by stress or injury, and is also inhibited by the very anti-inflammatory and corticosteroid drugs often prescribed for arthritis.
What does Glucosamine do?
Glucosamine sulfate makes up 50% of hyaluronic acid, which is the “base” of the proteoglycans (chondroitin sulfate molecules), and also is a key factor in stimulating the chondrocytes to produce new collagen, proteoglycans and chondroitin sulfate to replace the old. A deficiency of glucosamine can reduce the rate of production of these important macromolecules thereby leading to specific tissue weakness.
The tissues containing these glucosamine macromolecules include tendons and ligaments, cartilage, synovial fluid, mucus membranes, several structures in the eye, blood vessels, and heart valves. Glucosamine helps to reduce pain and improve joint function in those afflicted with osteoarthritis. It has also been shown to inhibit at least two of the enzymes that degrade cartilage and has certain anti reactive properties.
Should I use if I’m pregnant?
No, do not use Pure-Col Collagen while you are pregnant or lactating
Who should not take Pure-Col Collagen?
Under 18’s. People taking Warfarin. Seek medical advice if unsure.
How do I take Pure-Col?
Take 3 capsules per day just before retiring for the night, it is important to drink at least 1-2 litres of water per day for full hydration. It is recommended to take a 3-month course.
(Once you have taken this amount for 1 week it is possible to take 3 at night and 3 on rising for 1 month. This will give your skin a boost). If you want to promote muscle growth you may take 3 tablets ½ hour before exercising.

When taking in the evening the longer you can go without food before retiring the better for your results, it must be at least 1 hour.
Pure-Col must be taken on an empty stomach, As a general rule this should be 3 hours after a meal, 2 hours after a light meal eg a salad and 1 hour after alcohol or fruit juice. The reason for this is that if there is any digestion occurring when the collagen enters your stomach it will be broken down by the stomach acids and not absorbed fully.
You may also apply the collagen to the skin for incredible results. Mix 1 to 2 capsules with a cream or aloe vera gel and apply to the skin for up to 20 minutes depending upon your skin type. Rinse and apply moisturiser as per normal. Repeat 2 – 3 times per week.
How Do I Order Pure Col?
You can order pure col online or over the phone, just click here to order

Ask your question. Email: info[@]purecolcollagen.com
Call Us: +44 (0) 844 414 5268 (mon-fri – 10am 6pm)

Order Pure Col Collagen

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Buy online 24/7 or call 0844 414 5268 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm.

pure col collagen with bio-active matrix
Manufactured To The Highest Standard G.M.P Procedure & FDA Regulations.
All Ingredients In Pure-Col Are Natural And Not Genetically Modified.
✓ 400mg of pure-col collagen per capsule
✓ joints – active lifestyle
✓ skin – hair – nails
1 month £28.97   |   3 months £59.97   |   6 months £114.97


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*Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. The information found on this website is for educational and information purposes.

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