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Pure Col And Joint Pain

Any form of arthritic type pain is usually caused by not enough cartilage in the joints. So doesn’t it make sense to replace it?

From the age of about 25 the amount of collagen produced by our bodies reduces at a rate of about 1.5% per year. This means that by the age of 45, you have approximately 75% of the collagen in your body that is needed for optimum health.

So you are only replenishing your existing collagen. There’s nothing unnatural about it. Collagen was originally developed for arthritic type pain anyway! But now, you can take pure col collagen capsules to treat arthritic type pain from the inside out. And it’s completely natural!

In many people, pain is caused by damage or trauma to cartilage or simply by life long wear and tear on the joints.

Collagen is the body’s most abundant natural Protein. It is the ‘glue’ which holds the body together and is the essential structural component of all connective tissue. 75% of skin is collagen, providing texture, resiliency, and shape. and in total about 30 per cent of your body is collagen.¹

Research by Roland Moskowitz, a professor of orthopaedics looked at 400 patients with arthritic knees… Some got a placebo while others were treated with 100% collagen. The latter group showed a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in joint mobility, with 93% achieving positive results, some after only two weeks.

Pure-Col capsules provide a revitalizing and unique product by using only natural ingredients creating the ultimate formulation. These natural ingredients are non-irradiated, not genetically modified and free from wheat, gluten, yeast, salt, sugar, lactose, preservatives, artificial colours and flavourings.

No Known Side Effects.* Biotech Approved. EU Compliant. Classed As A Natural Food Supplement. Designed By Some Of The Greatest Scientific Minds!

The only side-effects reported are great ones! As well as helping relieve pains in joints, early users have reported improvements in fine lines, wrinkles, firmer breasts, cellulite, scars and stretch-marks! Also it’s noticed to help improve hair, nails and energy levels.

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pure col collagen with bio-active matrix
Manufactured To The Highest Standard G.M.P Procedure & FDA Regulations.
All Ingredients In Pure-Col Are Natural And Not Genetically Modified.
✓ 400mg of pure-col collagen per capsule
✓ joints – active lifestyle
✓ skin – hair – nails
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*Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. The information found on this website is for educational and information purposes.

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