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Pure-Col - ‘Pain No More’

Pure Col ‘Aloe’ with ‘Collagen’ Masssage Lotion...

A unique combination of Collagen, Aloe Vera and a number of herbal extracts in a white topical formulation, providing temporary relief from aches and pains, sore aching muscles and tired feet.

In addition to the well documented properties of Aloe Vera the cream also contains the benefits of a number of herbal extracts to soothe and release a cool sensation when applied to the skin.

Pain No More is also a great complement to Pure Col Collagen capsules as it may bring great benefits to people experiencing the following...


  • Muscle and Joint Pain - The Massage Lotion may help to relieve the pain and facilitate joint movement
  • Tired, aching feet and muscles
  • Neck tension and headaches - for headaches rub the Massage Lotion into the skin round the temples (not too close to the eyes).
  • For Cramp of all kinds (not to be used while pregnant).
  • For burning leg sensations
  • For sinus releif and easing chest congestion. Ass a bowl of hot water and breathe in the vapour under a towel
  • Before and after sport and exercise. It relaxes muscles and prevent stiffness

Directions: Apply a thin layer of the Massage Lotion to where needed gently massaging until absorbed. This can be repeated up to 6 times a day if required.


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Pain No More  1 Tube

Amount             Retail Price             Postage                     Total

  1 Tube (100ml)     £15.98                  £2.00                      £17.98                      






Pain No More  3 Tubes

Amount             Retail Price             Postage                     Total

  3 Tubes              £50.98                   £3.00                       £53.98






Pain No More 6 Tubes

Amount             Retail Price             Postage                    Total

  6 Tubes              £95.88                   £5.00                       £100.88





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